Fort Fido owners David & Nancy are passionate about all kinds of animals. They met when they were just 15 years old. Their mutual love of animals is one of the things that brought them together. Nancy as a free spirited young girl would sometimes borrow her neighbors horse and ride it bareback to David’s house and take him riding. Married in 1984 David and Nancy raised a son together and have passionately cared for all kinds of animals from chickens to tropical fish and of course dogs.

The relationships that they have with their pets are based on trust and respect. David and Nancy have learned that in order to achieve these relationships we must take care of the animal’s physical requirements such as: good nutrition, grooming, and cleanliness, and the psychological needs (e.g. clear communication, enrichment, and consistency). In 2006 David and Nancy decided to take their love of animal husbandry to the next level and opened Fort Fido dog daycare.

Fort Fido approved products are pet tested. Our business has been all about the dogs for over a decade. We have looked after and gotten to know over 1,500 pets and their owners. Through hands on testing in the daycare as well as customer feedback, products are carefully selected. With so many choices out there, it can be difficult for pet owners to weed through the muck and the yuck and get bang for their buck. Shop Fort Fido.

All Fort Fido products are pet tested and Fort Fido approved!

David Baker

“Relationships with animals should be give and take. If we want them to meet our needs we ought to first understand and meet theirs as well.” – David

Nancy Baker

“Pets teach us. You don’t always get the one you want but you get the one you need.” – Nancy

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